Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] OryCon, Days 1 and 2

OryCon has gone well, if surprisingly busy. Friday of course started out with me being de-cyborged at the surgical oncology unit, and wended on through calendula_witch's reading (she did beautifully) and ended with the RadCon party. Toxic waste: bedtime tonic of champions.

Yesterday calendula_witch and I both had panels, I had my reading, the_child was in attendance, I spent some time at the Fairwood Press table with the mighty kenscholes, and I actually managed to stay up for the parties, mirable dictu. Like a grown up and everything. I even had a tiny bit of champagne, courtesy of the sabred bottle at the zeppelin party.

Today more programming, then off to Powell's Cedar Hills for the AuthorFest, followed by a trip to Powell's City of Books with seanan_mcguire, plus dinner in there somewhere for the three of us.

Many friends old and new have been seen, dined with, hung out with, and encountered in passing. And I feel good, for the day-three-of-the-Con value of "good". It's almost like I'm over chemo and surgery or something.

Excelsior, y'all.

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