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[books|writing] Kalimpura Progriss Riport, More More

Another 5,000 words on Kalimpura today. Now at 61,700 words. I should be done with this first draft in about three more elapsed weeks of writing. Or a bit less, if I pull a couple of additional big days. Though the combination of SteamCon and Thanksgiving is definitely going to get in the way. In any case, the manuscript is flowing smoothly and fairly quickly from my fingertips, which seems to be the 'book three' effect. Fie on peripheral neuropathy, I say. Fie, fie, fie.

I am noodling with a change to my novel drafting process. Specifically, I am considering taking one to two days off per week to work on short fiction. It's not such an issue with this book, but the Sunspin project will be a long haul indeed. Such a writing pattern might keep me fresher and let me take my mind out for a wander every now and then. So maybe worth testing here.

And meanwhile, some WIP...
Another side street beckoned. This part of the city was too monied for mere alleys. I slipped into the deeper darkness and pulled myself swiftly to the vestigial roof of small gatehouse.

Half a dozen men ran by a few seconds later. They wore two different uniforms, and seemed more a mob than an organized pursuit. I could see several more passing by in the larger street. Somewhere nearby the tiger roared, but it did not appear in pursuit.

In truth, I was more afraid of the tiger right now. It had a nose.

After a short while longer, the clattering and shouting had died down. Occasional calls still echoed, people walking the streets, but there were no longer packs on my heels. I slipped down off the gatehouse roof and walked quietly down the alley into the deeper dark.

At almost the same moment that I heard a twanging snap, a crossbow quarrel grazed my cheek without actually burying itself in me.

By the Wheel, they were trickier than I'd credited.

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