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[personal|publishing] Updatery of this and that

Walked this morning, as the weather was up in the high 20s. An old moon rode low in the eastern sky, accompanied by Venus looking particularly bright. Rabbits rustled among the frozen leaves along the Papillion Creek Trail. I did not see my breath, but I felt it.

Just beautiful.

In other news, I am flying home tomorrow. I shall see both the_child and calendula_witch, which will make the day a very good one, indeed.

In other other news, various publishing-related events have occurred this week, almost none of which I am quite prepared to discuss in detail yet. Let's just say some foreign rights were involved, as well as two short fiction acceptances, and firmer news of a small press book contract. All will be announced in due time. Also, sadly a Sekrit Projekt about which I was excited has gone to the Great Sekrit Projekt Outbox in the Sky, so that will never be announced. Luckily, there's always more to do.

Sold anything lately?
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