Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] A note on my health and my professional availability

Pardon this administrative announcement, but it has come to my attention twice in the past few weeks that people looking to invite/include me in professional opportunities have passed me up because of my health situation.

I am quite happy to report myself sufficiently recovered to do pretty much anything I could do before this last round of cancer, at least in a professional sense. So if you were thinking of asking me for a story for your market, inviting me to be a toastmaster or GoH at a convention, asking me to teach a conference, spotting me to a first class Mediterranean cruise, or even simply taking me to lunch while you pass through Portland, I am pleased to be fully available subject to the ordinary constraints of scheduling, suitability of the opportunity, and so forth.

And if need be, please pass the word. I'm back.

Tags: cancer, health, personal, publishing

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