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[personal] The weekend that was

As calendula_witch ably reports, we went hiking yesterday. While ultimately successful, the outing suffered from logistical issues. And snow.

I also got an enormous amount of writing done yesterday, much to my satisfaction. "A Long Walk Home" is a Sunspin short in which I explored a couple of backstory issues and resolved some things about the style I do (or more to the point, don't) want to use in the books. Started another project, my end of a collab between me and calendula_witch. Oddly for me, it was a false start. I will readdress today from a blank sheet.

the_child went to a Yoyo Ma concert last night with her mother, tickets having been a birthday present from her grandmother, who could not be here the date of the concert. She popped into my place briefly on the way out, very excited and looking utterly sophisticated and mature, and asked me to take a photo to show to her grandmother. It was very sweet.

Another work week beckons, though calendula_witch and I will be out from Thursday to Sunday having some private time at the coast. I'll probably put the blog on hold through the weekend, at least until after we get back. You know, because.

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