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[links] Link salad wonders into Thursday

Winding the Mainspringtor.com reprints an article of mine.

Dictionary for sale

Geminids with a Side of Turkey chriswjohnson spends the night in a field with his camera. A lovely meditation, and a couple of great photos.

On top of an old elevator in NYC — Steampunk (elektropunk?) images of still-working technology from the 1920s. (Thanks to delkytlar.)

An abandoned rollercoaster — Teh awesum.

Opposition to Health Law Is Steeped in Tradition — The most interesting thing about this piece, to me, is the litany of conservative alarmism about every progressive advance in social policy. Sort of like the minimum wage: every hike in my lifetime has come with ghastly threats about the death of American business, and they've been wrong every single time. Being wrong every time has never stopped a Republican yet.

Those Pesky GOP Earmarks — More intellectual honesty from Your Republican party. Don't look for any coverage of this on FOX...

Henry Hudson's Years of 'Active Service To The Republican Party' — Judge who ruled HCR unconstitutional is, surprise, highly partisan. See, they're only "activist judges" when conservatives disagree with the rulings. (Thanks to shsilver.)

Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy; "To destroy this invisible government" — A deep analysis of WikiLeaks.

Journalists and "Political Objectives"The State Department has decided that Julian Assange is not a journalist, and therefore not subject to constitutional or statutory protections, because he has a "political objective." Well, that's FOX News done for.

?otD: What would you give up?

Writing time yesterday: 2.25 hours (4,000 words, some WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.25 hours (solid)
This morning's weigh-in: 249.8
Currently reading: The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz by Russell Hoban

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