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[process] Shameless narcissism and armor for the writer's soul

cathshaffer talks about the essential madness of being a writer. Specifically, handling the nigh endless stream of negativity that accompanies any insertion of one's self into the public square. Her approach is a version of the classic "fake it til you make it" strategy. Though, as she says, for some writers it might just be shameless narcissism.

In her comments section, I remarked:
I vote for shameless narcissism.

And for reals, there is an immense amount of ego involved in believing that anyone else actually wants to read what you have to say. That ego may not translate to self-confidence or any of the other social characteristics we often associate with the idea of 'ego', but down at the bottom, I don't see how anyone who writes professionally doesn't *believe*.

Tapping that belief, that's what you're doing.

Do you believe? Do you even share her analysis? How does it work for you? Where does your armor come from?

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