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[personal|photos] First post-chemo haircut, and a radio play

Right after work, I went and got my first post-chemo haircut. We threw some color on as well...



Photos © 2010 B. Lake.

It's a clunky cut because I'm in the first stages of the multi-year process of growing my hair back out. (Assuming further chemo doesn't derail me somewhere along the way.) Still, it was fun.

After that, the_child and I went up to the McMenamin's Kennedy School to have dinner with T— and J—. Post-prandially the four of us attended the Willamette Radio Workshop's production of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, presented (and recorded) as a radio play. Standing room only, and unfortunately for us, we were among the SROs, but it was a lot of fun.

Later, I have the alarm set to see if we can get a look at the lunar eclipse. Doubtful given the cloud cover, but around here anything is possible.

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