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[links] Link salad walks like a woman and talks like a man

Stalled — Leah Cutter on the difference between being blocked and being stalled. A very useful distinction.

2010 Best Writers I Discovered In 2010 — Brian Thomas Schmidt reviews writers, including me.

Terry Gilliam presents '1884 Yesterdays Future'... Animation test.. — Mmm. Steampunky goodness. (Via scarlettina.)

Pemberton's French Wine of Coca — A little culinary history. C-O-L-A cola... (Thanks to goulo.)

Visualizing blood testsInformation Is Beautiful shows how much difference the presentation layer makes. (Not that we didn't already know that...)

The Right Stuff to Wear — The Smithsonian Institution's spacesuit collection. (Via a mailing list I'm on.)

Science: The Breakthroughs of 2010 and Insights of the Decade — (Thanks to lt260.)

40 Percent Of Americans Still Believe In Creationism — Shockingly, there is a strong correlation between belief in arrant counterfactual nonsense and low education levels. Likewise conservative political affiliation.

Barbour: Segregationist Citizens Councils That I Praised Were 'Totally Indefensible' — In other words, he's sorry the rest of us decoded his racist dog whistle politics. Ah, more of those justly famed conservative principles and intellectual consistency. In this same context, Ta-Nehisi Coates with more on the conservative revisionism about the Confederacy so sick that it borders on mental illness.

?otD: Does your champagne taste just like cherry cola?

Writing time yesterday: 4.0 hours (revisions, WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 4.5 hours (interrupted buy 2 am wrong number call, couldn't go back to sleep)
Weight: 250.6
Currently reading: Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban

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