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[personal] Updatery of various sorts

First of all, I want to give a big shout out to whatever idiot with the Arizona area code called me at 2 am. I never did get back to sleep. This is going to make for a long day today.

I managed a prodigious amount of writing time yesterday at the Fireside Writers. (Plus we enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner after. Mmm.) It was mostly revisions on various short fiction manuscripts, along with writing related program activities. One piece of WRPA was a draft of a 2010 year in review requested by a 'zine. Which is to say, my personal year.

Great Ghu was that sobering to write. I revisited all that has gone on in my medical and personal life, and I tracked through my writing accomplishments. Which would have been worthy in a normal year, and are jarring in the context of the year I've had. It's been a damned intense twelve months.

I'll be making a year-in-review blog post here around New Year's, which will recap much of what I just pulled out, but, yeah. I'm more than a little astonished at myself.

Next up is revisions to "The Weight of History, the Lightness of the Future", the recent Sunspin novella. Then I'll get cracking on a full (but not final) version of the endless outline for the books themselves.

What are you working on? Or are you taking a holiday break?

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