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[writing] And the first SUNSPIN book is outlined

With about four hours of effort today, I've completed the first draft of the outline for Calamity of So Long a Life, the first third of the Sunspin trilogy. There was more brainstorming with the_child, and another round of whiteboarding — though less visually interesting this time, so I didn't bother with a photo.

It was quite a wrestling match. I'm not yet sure who won.

Tomorrow I'll start pushing on the people, places and events of the second book, The Whips and Scorns of Time. Part of me wants to write the first book before I outline the second book, and that might even be a reasonable creative strategy, but I really want to pin down the whole trilogy in outline first. Not that I won't be changing it once I start putting words to page, of course.

This is by an order of magnitude the most complex writing project I have ever attempted. I fully intend to fail in interesting ways. I'll learn from those failures, fix them, and keep going. Really, I'll only be unhappy if I fail in trite, predictable ways. Preventable errors, as it were.

In other news, I also spent several hours today with Smashwords, putting some more of my classic short story inventory into ebook format. The ebooks gets published from there onto most of the major formats and channels. Eventually, I might even make some money off that.

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