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[links] Link salad sits by the hearth

The Best Steampunk Releases of 2010 — Barnes and Noble Book Clubs hands out some literary love to a number of books, including Pinion.

Jonathan Swift reviews the new Gulliver's Travels movie — Hilarious.

Gravity Emerges from Quantum Information, Say Physicists The new role that quantum information plays in gravity sets the scene for a dramatic unification of ideas in physics.

God's little rabbits: Religious people out-reproduce secular ones by a landslide — There's a lot of things wrong with this piece, but it's also pretty interesting and pretty funny. (Thanks to David Goldman.)

US Army: Atheists Unfit To Serve — Ah, yes, more modern persecution of the Christians. I can really see what the conservative pundits are complaining about here. Hmm, sorry, the sarcasm bit got stuck in the "on" setting. (Thanks to shsilver.)

Inside The GOP's Plan To Stifle Obama's Executive Branch Power — Mmm. I can smell the bipartisanship from all the way over here. And of course, this is no worse than the treatment Bush got at the hands of Democrats. Right? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

?otD: Who do you chat with by the fireside?

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