Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Work, eat, write, live

Day Jobbery yesterday, as usual. I did have a delightful lunch with camillealexa, as she mentions here. (The hot toddy was hers, not mine.) Yesterday afternoon was Fireside Writers, at which I pulled hard and slow on Sunspin. As is sometimes the case with new projects, the early stages come reluctantly until I find the voice and rhythm of the piece. After that, a nice Mexican dinner with joycemocha and C—. Then home, and some phone time with bravado111, because talking to my friends a lot is high on my agenda just lately.

Once work is over today, I'm staying pretty busy with friends and writing. Likely no writing tomorrow because the_child has her first basketball game, and I'll be hitting that before another dinner out. Friday I am off to Seattle for a change of scenery and friend time with various folks. Not sure how that's going to intersect with the writing.

Work, eat, write, live.

Tags: books, food, personal, seattle, sunspin, writing

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