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[personal] On the first day, we had everything we could stand

And who could've asked for more?

My day yesterday here in Seattle was amazingly fun and intense. Once I'd gotten myself fired up, exercised, and spent some time working on Sunspin, I caught a real swell breakfast with markbourne and e_bourne. After that, I swung by chez scarlettina for some catch up time and a very light lunch. (Grapes, actually.) Then I popped over to the suburban estate of bravado111 (a/k/a J.A. Pitts) for some more catch up time.

Allan Rouselle came by, and we all headed to Buca di Beppo to meet up with a cast of dozen for a raucous and delicious Italian dinner. Trying to get this right, but the group included bravado111 and Mrs. bravado111, Allan, the Bournes, scarlettina, C—, tbclone47 and N—, mikigarrison and E—, kehrli, and frabjouslinz and bhagwanx.


After that, about half of us headed for the Elvis Invitationals, which I kept misremembering as the Elvis Trials. That would be much funnier. I danced to a bunch of rock and roll, drank some, and finally bailed mid-evening back to the bravado111 crib.

All in all, a tremendously satisfying today. Today will be much lower key, including an afternoon drive home to Portland and Nuevo Rancho Lake.

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