Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing] A day of editing

So in my pursuit of Not Working On Sunspin for a couple of days, yesterday evening I was planning to finish the current short story and do some editing. the_child's afternoon basketball game canceled due to inclement weather, so I wound up with a bunch of extra time.

I wrapped the story, did some editing based on market feedback for a couple of already sold stories, made some submittals. While I was doing all this, another editorial request came in, which I responded to immediately since, well, there I was. Then shortly after I was done, I received two acceptances from the submittals.

Sometimes the universe conspires in your favor...

This afternoon I am not certain what the plan is. I want to give the novel a day or two more to steep, so I'm either going to write one of a couple of other requested pieces, or maybe just take the day off writing.

Tags: books, child, stories, sunspin, writing

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