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[links] Link salad, dressed or undressed

The New Adventures of Queen Victoria on censoring Mark Twain and one of the best black characters in 19th century American literature — Um, yes. :: laughing :: (Thanks to shsilver.)

The Unspeakable, in Its Jammies — Michael Chabon on censoring Mark Twain.

Report warns of 'digital Dark Age' if digitisation is left to private sectorResearch commissioned by EU urges member states to take greater responsibility. As I've said, the Google Books Settlement is a banal evil that content producers will regret heartily. The EU apparently agrees, at least in part. Note that I'm not saying the Google Books project is evil, quite the opposite — in that, I do not fully align with the EU's view. It's their profoundly retrograde approach to copyright that is the problem. (Via danjite.)

Tie-thulu, the most well-dressed of all the Elder Gods — Hahaha. (Via MH.)

Seriously questionable 1950s ad for Gold Medal flour

Antimatter caught streaming from thunderstorms on Earth — Not to put too fine a point on it, but, wow. (Thanks to lt260.)

Palin Borrows ‘Blood Libel’ from Israeli Far Right — A possible explanation for Palin's bizarre, profoundly offensive and historically ignorant remark. (Well, that one at least.)

Repeal DADT, God Kills Birds — And you people wonder why I think religious conservatives are a bag of nutburgers.

?otD: Green goddess or Dorothy Lynch?

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