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Yesterday I worked. Had lunch yesterday with my friend SG. Spent the afternoon doing homework with the_child. Had dinner with H—. Still managed to find an hour to sign signature sheets for a forthcoming limited edition anthology in which calendula_witch and I have a collaborative story. Full day with some interesting moments along the way.

Pretty busy today, including Day Jobbery, another basketball game this afternoon, and another dinner out tonight. Plus revisions to a story that's due, erm, now. Tomorrow, I'm back on Sunspin. Going to a radio play of The Hobbit over the weekend, off to Omaha Monday.

Having essentially spent most of the last year trapped in my body and in my house, this is terrific.

On the flip side, I'm going to the hospital for bloodwork today or tomorrow — whenever I find the time — in prep for my oncology followups the week after next. And that, well... There's a fall-down-go-boom coming in April with the next round of scans. This intermediate check isn't likely to reveal much, as we know from my experience that my CEA antigen levels are not strongly correlative to tumor activity. Still, it makes my head ring, and not in a good way.

What you got going on? Entertainment? Projects? Trepidations?

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