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[personal] Waxing the elephant, and other personal moments

The lyric in the subject line of yesterday's post turns out to be Google-proof. I didn't know that was possible any more. It's from Wax Elephant, "Someday Gain Your Favor".

Passed yesterday evening in the house. Worked on the Sunspin outline, spent time talking to a friend or two, and also managed to watch an episode of Foyle's Warimdb ]. Interesting show, mysteries set on the south coast of Britain at the start of World War II, very tense and low key at the same time. Plus if I were the type to develop celebrity crushes, I'd be blissed out on actress Honeysuckle Weeks. (Whose name so totally sounds like a Bond girl, I'm thinking.)

Luckily, I'm not that type. Really. I swear.

More Sunspin this morning, then lunch with my parents, then off to that radio play of The Hobbit with tillyjane, a/k/a my mom. The evening will be spent on movies and pizza with the_child.

You up to anything fun?
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