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[personal] Holbytlas and Honeysuckle Weeks

Yesterday I worked on Sunspin, had lunch with my dad and (step)mom, with my mom caught half of the Willamette Radio Workshop's annual production of The Hobbit (which was excellent), helped the_child with two of her writing projects, and watched more of Foyle's Warimdb ].


For a school assignment, the_child was working on a story set after she had graduated from college. She wanted to discuss how to name things in the future, and getting her timeline right. This kid thinks like an SF writer. Which ought to be, I suppose, unsurprising. I was still surprised. In a most pleasant way.

Anent Sunspin, I will have some process thoughts in a day or two, once I get through the current tranche of effort. I'm still finding my way into both the story itself and into the process wrapped around the writing, but I think I'm nearly shaken out.
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