Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] Ah, the magic of air transit

So far this morning I have been both the grumper and the grumpee. Despite my premium status, the desk agent directed me to a slow machine, then helped the next several people who wandered up behind me. In the security line, a woman cut in front of me, then could not find her ID anywhere.

When my turn finally came, the scanner simply wouldn't read my electronic boarding pass on my iPhone. Which finally turned out to be an issue of screen brightness on the display, but it took the TSA agent and me two or three minutes to sort that out. Which is a freaking eternity in a security line.

Then the guy in front of me for the x-ray machine decided to load his bins while they were on the stack in the cart, effectively stalling the line until he was done. He wasn't very efficient about it, either.

Magic, pure magic.

Anyway, off to Omaha shortly.

Tags: omaha, personal, travel

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