Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel|writing] Frozen tundra

It is freaky cold outside this morning. 3 degrees F when I woke up. I declined to walk to the gym, and so very unusually for me, skipped my morning exercise. Instead I slept a bit longer.

Got the Sunspin outline whipped into shape last night, but realized I didn't want to send it to my agent yet, because I'd like to finish working on the opening section of the first book and include that with the outline. Hopefully I can make significant progress this evening after Day Jobbery.

I like traveling, but at the moment, I wish I was home. Of course, at the moment I wish a lot of things were different than they are. Life is the triumph of optimism over experience.
Tags: books, sunspin, travel, work, writing

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