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[writing] Sunspin advances

4,000 words on Calamity of So Long A Life last night. Amazing what a week of crawling around inside the outline will do for one's vision of a book. I'm still not sure about the pacing right now, but I'm going to move forward with it and deal with that problem later if it turns out to indeed be a problem.

For now, some WIP:
House Hoage controlled the high orbit about Taliesen. The Familium Majorum also controlled the moons Aneirin and Blwchfardd, as well as those portions of the planetary surface deemed by their economic strategists to be worth bothering with.

Maribeth Novotny, Director of Strategic Resolution and long-time senior servitor to Hoage considered it a salutary lesson that most of the most beautiful land on the surface was either unpeopled or occupied by squatters, and ignored by her noble masters. One could not, after all, package a view and export it. The crisp, dawn winds with their faint scent of ferment and salt were not subject to being distilled and sold to ambitious women on distant worlds as a form of perfume or sexual stimulant. The kilometers-long pipevines, each with their own swarming ecosystems of insect-analogs and motile, predatory plants, had no particular value.

Not when there were fish to be netted out of the oceans to feed the workers, and long, shallow continental shelves to be drilled into for petrochemicals, and sheetlike deposits of naturally occurring carbon nanotubes to be spaded up from the ancient swamps of the shorelines. Likewise the moons, mined for everything from ice to titanium, covered with antennae and laser cannon and quiet laboratories from which there was no escape.

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