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[personal|food] Mmm, chocolate

Yesterday I attended the Portland Chocolate Fest with a small, assorted rogue's gallery of local high tech ne'er-do-wells. It was quite something. I ate myself very nearly sick on samples, and had a lot of fun.

Highlights including sampling the "Don't Eat This Chocolate" hot chili chocolate bar, from a chocolatier who told me that adding bacon to his blue cheese truffles was over the top; checking out the truffle woman; and eating some righteous food.

My three favorite samples were the rose caramel from Cocoa Velvet Chocolates, the Thai chocolate truffle (with lemongrass and curry powder) from Snake & Butterfly, and the white chocolate espresso bar from Forte Chocolates. Wow.

The Roy G. Biv all-girl precision team in the lobby

Truffle woman

The chocolate tree

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