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[personal|writing] Looking ahead, thinking about where the hours go

Despite getting a fair amount done on the writing front, yesterday turned out not to be one of my better days. Been doing some deep thinking about my life lately, which intersected with reality in an unexpected way last night. Sometimes one must retire from the field regardless of the state of play.

Good progress on Calamity of So Long a Life yesterday. I'm not sure if I'm going to get any writing done today or not — busy Day Jobbery, lunch with kenscholes and dinner with my friend A—. Still, I shall not fret.

I will also observe that my name has cropped up lately in several discussions about writing, writing time and the topic of life getting in the way, or not. (This, of course, thanks to the Googles and their clever alerts.) Time management really is the name of the game. Lately I've been allocating more of my time to social activities, because I've chosen a certain rebalancing in the wake of everything that happened last year. I'm still getting a lot done, and I am happy with my levels of effort, but sometimes it feels as if I've surrendered my purism.

The three most important factors contributing to my writing time availability are the fact that I work at home and thus spend zero hours of my day commuting, the fact that I don't watch any television whatsoever, and the fact that I don't play videogames or computer games. Chances are most of us can't do anything about our commuting time. But tv and gaming are absolutely choices. I choose writing.

Where do you find your time?
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