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[personal|writing] Productive writer is productive

Yesterday was freakishly productive. I worked a full day of Day Jobbery, wrote 4,000 words on Calamity of So Long a Life, proofed short story galleys, signed 1,000 sig sheets and mailed them back out, watched half of an episode of season two of Foyle's War, went out in Old Town for a few hours to drink and hang out with friends at the retro arcade in Ground Kontrol, and managed to finish it all off with a top-down moonlight cruise in the Genre car with Pink Floyd blasting. Oh, and my dishwasher flooded, so I mopped the kitchen. Also did three loads of laundry.

This morning I am going to walk up and down Mt. Tabor with another friend, then spend the rest of the day writing, vegging and watching more of Foyle's War.

Busy much?

Also, at some point I am going to need to scrounge up the series DVDs of Babylon 5. My local video store does not have them, and I don't feel like paying ~$300 to buy something I'll probably only ever watch once. (And no, I do not have Netflix or Netflix streaming, either one.)

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