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[personal] Various matters of the heart, mind and body

Yesterday was a bit tough for me personally. Still adjusting to the new order of my life. Still, I got a lot done. The usual Day Jobbery. My lunch date canceled, so I crammed down wordage on Calamity of So Long a Life. After work I polished that off, made it to the post office and the grocery store, then hit the_child's basketball game.

They won in a blowout, 51-9. As they'd lost two weeks ago in a similar blowout, they certainly knew how the other team felt. It was interesting to watch the girls slow down their pace of play and stop driving to the basket once they'd established a dominant lead. Without luffing or giving anything away, they adapted to what the other team could handle. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

Also in matters parental, I am rather pleased to note that the_child is staying very much on top of her rather creative idea for a birthday present for her mother, who annualizes once more tomorrow.

Once the basketball game was over, I popped over to Hillsboro to the OMSI Science Pub to learn about epigenetics, plus hang out with some interesting people. Fascinating stuff, and the information will certainly find its way into my fiction. The speaker, Dr. Lisa Sardinia, was good enough that she made sense even to my liberal arts educated brain 25 years past its last classroom day.

Today, the usual workage, plus a Very Special Lunch (mmm, pimento cheese) and then the usual Tuesday writing at the Fireside Writers Group. Also, if I have time, which I might not, collating the various photo response to Sunday's challenge [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ].

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