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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2011-02-02 05:29
Subject: [process] Sunspin productivity neepery for January, 2011
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Tags:books, calamity, personal, process, sunspin, writing
Apropos of nothing but my slightly obsessive record-keeping and ongoing urge to self-analysis, here's some productivity neepery on Sunspin for January, 2011.

In the past month, I did significant revisions to the outline, and also (unusually so for me) spent a fair amount of time editing and revising the first section of the first draft of Calamity of So Long A Life, book one of the Sunspin trilogy. This was in part so that I could send a package off to my agent.

Total effort on Sunspin for January was 38.25 hours over twenty-six working days, producing 43,500 words of first draft. I also spent about another 20 hours on other writing activities, including short a story draft (another 2,700 words), revisions and submittals, for a total of 58.25 hours of writing effort this past month. Five days I did no writing work whatsoever, for various reasons.

Of that 38.25 hours, about 12 hours were spent working directly on the outline without producing any draft wordcount. Dividing the remaining 26.25 hours into 43,500 words of draft written yields a mean average wordcount production rate of 1,657 words per hour.

This is actually a tad slow for me. However, see my comments in previous blog posts concerning the iterative process I'm going through with the outline, the draft manuscript and the need to do modest revisions and continuity management as I go along.

On another note, dividing working days into total hours yields a mean average work effort of 2.24 hours per day worked. In point of fact, though I track the time I spend, I don't actually measure myself by hours worked, only by wordcount produced.

It's still an interesting note that even with Day Jobbery, parenting, life logistics, exercise, blogging, socialization and occasional medical issues, I'm managing over 2 hours of effort in my average writing day. The reality of course is that some days spike high — weekends, obviously. I will note that the median work effort is 1.625 hours per day worked, which smooths out the spikes. Still, something to feel good about.

More than you probably wanted to know, but that's what it looks like from my desk.

Any questions?

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