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[personal] Updatery for the week's end and the weekend

the_child had another basketball game yesterday. They played strong and won with a solid lead. Not to put too fine a point on it, my daughter was on fire. Fast, agile, slick, clever. She is a joy to watch on the court. Her whole team was playing strong too. It was as if they'd leveled up.

No Sunspin yesterday. Between lunch and dinner engagements and the basketball game, it was fairly well on into the evening before I even had the time to contemplate writing. I gave myself the night off.

This is not so easy for me to do. I tend to the obsessive when in novel mode. But I recognize this project may take as long as nine months to complete. If I push myself to write every day, I risk burnout. So instead I watched another episode of Foyle's War and tended to bloggery and email.

On Sunspin, I expect to be done with the first third of Calamity of So Long A Life by Monday or Tuesday. Perhaps 60,000 words long, or a bit less. I'll be turfing it out to first readers at that point, as waiting til everything's done will make beta reading that much larger a project.

Nothing much going after I'm done with Day Jobbery today, so I'll get caught up on writing. Well, and lunch with a dear friend. Tomorrow I've got brunch with kenscholes, some school stuff, and a party in the evening. Sunday is light hiking, and cooking momos for my (step)mom before she heads off for some medical stuff which will include extensive physical therapy.

Write more, be well, have fun.

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