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[writing] Working to the plan, planning to be busy

Despite having an intensely busy day yesterday, including a very exciting girls' basketball game (they lost by two points), I managed an hour and half of copy edits on Endurance. I'm now about halfway through that process. Which is to say, I've responded to the queries, reviewed the changes, and am now doing a very tight line read.

This is creating mild cognitive dissonance for me, as not so long ago I drafted Kalimpura, which follows Endurance in the Green sequence. So I keep getting to scenes and thinking, "Wait, she already did this." It's an amusing reaction.

Meanwhile, Sunspin continues to cook in my head. In the car coming back from the game yesterday, I talked over a worldbuilding/sociology issue with [info]tillyjane a/k/a my mom. When I'm done with these copy edits, I'll drag into the second tranche of Calamity of So Long a Life, which should run another 60,000-75,000 words I think.

Writing this book in segments is a new experience for me, and it's been rather liberating. Stopping to do the Endurance copy edit, for example, isn't leaving me with a bad case of bookus interruptus. Likewise, about the time I finish Calamity of So Long A Life it will be time to revise Kalimpura. And conveniently the two universes of Green and Sunspin are so different from one another that I'm not really getting any cross-talk in my brain.

To be specific for those just tuning in, Green is secondary world fantasy told in tight first person. Sunspin is medium-future space opera told with a wide cast in moderately loose first person. They really don't overlap much at the structural, thematic, genre or craft levels. Well, except that I keep wanting to name starships in Sunspin after characters in Green.

Going forward, my work plan, presuming continued good health, is as follows:
  • Complete Endurance (Green book two) copy edit, February 2011

  • Complete first draft of Calamity of So Long A Life (Sunspin book one), April, 2011

  • Complete revisions to Kalimpura (Green book three), turn in to [info]casacorona, June, 2011

  • Complete first draft of The Whips and Scorns of Time (Sunspin book two), September, 2011

  • Complete first draft of Be All Our Sins Remembered (Sunspin book three), December, 2011

  • Begin working on Original Destiny, Manifest Sin (epic historical fantasy in the American West), January, 2012

As all such plans, this is subject to the vagaries of life, or people throwing money at me to work in a different order. And I have hopes of some of those steps happening sooner/faster, but I'm trying to be realistic. As it is, I'm setting myself to 600,000 words of first draft plus some major revision work in this calendar year.

Ah, ambition.

Do you have a work plan for the year? What are your big projects?

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