Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Copy edits and promiscuous genes

Yesterday I woke up, exercised, blogged and worked the Day Jobbe as usual.

Had an interesting lunch with author Andrew Mayer, whose forthcoming steampunk trilogy from Pyr has the coolest log line I've heard in quite a while — "Steampunk superheroes in 1880s New York". Watch for The Society of Steam.

Spent the later afternoon at the Fireside Writers Group knocking out two more hours of Endurance copy edits and hanging with the decorative yet functional likes of [info]davidlevine and [info]camillealexa.

Went to the OMSI Science Pub last night and learned all about Promiscuous DNA: The Invasion, Spread, and Impact of Mobile Genes, whilst hanging out with [info]rekre8 and other interesting folks.

Came home and crawled into bed.

Busy life. Good life.

Tags: books, cool, endurance, personal, science, steampunk, work, writing

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