Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] RadCon, Day 0

Drove out from Portland in the Genre car with [info]camillealexa. We came through the Gorge on 84, then crossed over to the Washington side at Biggs (hooray for Stonehenge!), and made the trip in very good time. Once ensconced in my hotel room, I wrote 2,500 words on a one-off short fiction project, then rejoined [info]camillealexa and [info]davidlevine for an adequate-but-spendy Italian dinner over in Kennewick. After that, there was drinking the bar with a rotating cast of characters. Then I crashed out.

A good day zero, in other words.

This morning some writing, then the Hanford tour, then the convention day. Am I going to see you here this weekend? If not, where will you be?
Tags: conventions, travel, washington, writing

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