Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Snow day

I had a full round of Day Jobbery yesterday. Working at home, one doesn't get snow days, though some of Portland did. Odd snow day, 45 degrees and sunny around 1 pm, but still a snow day.

My backbrain was straining at this and that, and didn't really want to put time in on Sunspin. I allow myself two days a week off if I need them. So though I was off from writing, I still spent some time prepping backlist for ebook publication through Smashwords. That and watching Babylon 5 some more, with [info]the_child. She finds it "interestingly weird". She's fascinated by the past's view of the future.

We'll see how my brain works today. I'm supposed to go out to dinner tonight, so I'm hoping for Sunspin time right after the end of Day Jobbery.

Tags: child, personal, portland, sunspin, videos, work, writing

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