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[personal|travel] From the Olympics to Omaha

I'm back. Didja miss me? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Just spent a long weekend at the Rainforest Writers Village retreat, at scenic Lake Quinalt in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State. Where it was cold. [info]jimvanpelt offers a report here.

In the course of the weekend I wrote 19,500 words on Calamity of So Long a Life (a/k/a Sunspin book one), in the process passing the midpoint of the book as measured from the structure of the outline. The draft now stands at 91,300 words. One might reasonably assume the full first draft will be about 180,000 words. We shall see. I exceeded my goals on the book at the expense of my other writing goals for the weekend, so may need to reallocate priorities this week.

I also managed to walk every morning with various folks. And convinced [info]kehrli to try to walk on water as I had done a previous year. And saw the most gorgeous night sky I've seen in the better part of a decade, including shooting stars. And saw a herd of elk. Three times. Once from about fifty feet away. And bald eagles. And a fox. And a very strange moonset. And partied. And talked. And thought. A lot.

One thing I'll be posting about soon is some expanded thinking about my ongoing meme of being Consumers versus Producers. Some excellent conversation on that topic at several turns of the weekend. Doubtless other stuff will come bubbling up. Along with some photo posts.

For now, I am at the airport preparing to take to the skies and fly to Omaha, where it is cold.

I leave you with this photo.


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