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[links] Link salad is the new black

Book Review: Green by Jay Lake — A reader with some very mixed reactions.

A reader reacts to Mainspring — Very much not with the liking. Clearly I am not winning the Internets today.

Dice & Deadlines: Your Internet Presence — Advice for authors from editor Jennifer Brozek.

A Book By Any Other Name...Scrivener's Error with a 'prescription for publishing', including a number of trenchant observations about the current state of the industry. He also calls to mind my comment that a book is essentially a license rather than a product.

Nerds Try to Drive Studio to MadnessFans petition Universal to make Guillermo Del Toro's dream Lovecraft project. (Via Justin Steele.)

Vintage Infoporn — Some cool history of graphic visualization of data, from Infographics.

Printing a human kidney — A TED talk. (Via [info]lt260.)

Mont. judge orders hysterectomy, patient appeals — This is a challenging story. A wide array of peculiar behavior, ranging from the eccentric to the pathological, is privileged under the guise of religious belief in our society, but when that's where the question of competency hinges, it's a tough pass. If this were treatment being refused on behalf of a child, I would stand firmly against the parent's claim. But an adult refusing for themselves? Much tougher call. People really are entitled to go to hell in their own way, so long as they don't take others with them.

The Forbes 400 vs. Everyone Else — In case you were wondering where the money went.

?otD: Visigoth or invisigoth?

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