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[links] Link salad sports a gold tooth

Jim C. Hines on Amanda Hocking — He's wise.

History of Science Fiction as a giant map — (Snurched from @jackwilliambell.)

Greg van Eekhout visits Mrs.Huebner's elementary school class in Sioux Falls, IA, they blog

A journalist friend is looking for World of Warcraft players who've played from weird locales or situations

Kid Crazy: Why We Exaggerate the Joys of Parenthood

Discovered: The Happiest Man in America — They actually found him.

From 'End of History' Author, a Look at the Beginning and Middle — (Thanks to Dad.)

Villemard’s Vision of the Future — More days of future past. Deep retro-futurism. (Via [info]goulo.)

Will Health and Safety Regulators Ruin the Porn Industry?

Charlie Sheen is not filial — America's current favorite trainwreck from a Confucian perspective. (Via my brother.)

Why Human Penises Lost Their Spines DNA study offers clues to "impenetrable mystery" of evolution, expert says.

U.S. Energy Flow in Quads — Ok, this is fascinating.

Sea Ice in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica — More on-the-ground liberal conspiracy obscuring the true facts about global warming.

Why Randomly-Selected Politicians Would Improve Democracy — :: omits cheap political joke here ::

The Suicide Of The Republican Party — Keith Olbermann on the GOP's Wisconsin scam.

?otD: Dentition or rendition?

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