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[personal] Woke up, got out of bed...

Overslept again last night, by about 1.5 hours. Still managed to squeeze in a 30-minute walk in the 18 degree weather, but I'm feeling very tight for time this morning. Foo bail. I must be fighting something off, infection-wise, because this is a bit too far from my Rainforest weekend to still be recouping sleep debt.

Some good literary news yesterday, both the sale I announced and a couple of other items not yet for public consumption. Working today, low-key evening of packing to go home plus another tranche of Sunspin. I'll be mostly doing taxes this weekend, which might or might not necessitate missing a day or two of writing depending on how consuming the process gets.

I'm rearranging some of my forthcoming convention and travel schedule to better fit the new realities of my personal life. As a result of that, I might attempt ReaderCon, which I've been meaning to go to, for, oh, fifteen years or so. That depends on both whatever health news emerges next month, and whether I can jigger out a bit more travel budget for the year. It would be nice to see some of my East Coast friends and fans.

For now, be well. I'm off to Day Jobbery.

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