Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|travel] Heading west yet again

Up early, in the Omaha airport. I slept very badly last night, so I'm giving myself a bye from writing today. Which is to say, I might write anyway, but between having a sleep-mushed brain and the distinct possibility of napping in flight, if I don't, I shan't be vexed with myself.

Yesterday I sold several pieces, none of which I can discuss yet. Because, erm, life is like that. I'll announce when I can. I also very reluctantly withdrew from my instructor role at this summer's Cascade Writers conference. I believe that [info]kenscholes will be taking my place.

When I get home, I'm having lunch with my parents, visiting a friend in the hospital, and having dinner with another friend. Tomorrow, some urban hiking in the morning, then taxes. Sunday, more taxes. And, erm, well. Somewhere in all that I shall also write some more. Plus I owe a couple of reviews/blurbs. And two short stories. And. And. And.

Busy much?

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