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[personal] Home, home again; I like to be here when I can

Dragged myself out of bed at 1:30 am Pacific time yesterday and jetted halfway across the continent. Napped on the plane, got some work and writing done, landed at home, had lunch with my parents, Did Stuff, hung out with [info]the_child, visited a friend in the hospital, then had dinner with another friend.

Also managed 2,800 words of Sunspin, four essays and a book review. (Essays specifically including the next several installments of the "Producers and Consumers" discussion.) As I said on Twitter and Facebook, not bad for a day when I wasn't sure I was going to write at all.

Today I am going urban hiking with a friend, then spending most of the day working on taxes, then visiting with another friend this evening. So I'm balancing the social and the busy.

Next week, I'm off to Orlando, FL for The 32nd International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, a/k/a ICFA. I'll be there from late Thursday afternoon through midafternoon Sunday. If you're going to be around the joint, look me up. Unless I'm in my room writing, I'll likely be in the bar or in the pool. Also, I am part of a group reading there Friday morning.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, have fun. I know me and my taxes will be enjoying ourselves.

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