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[links] Link salad wakes up slow and cold

Rich Horton says good things about several of my stories in DAW anthologies — Also gives a shout out to [info]calendula_witch.

Announcing Ken Scholes! — Cascade Writers confirms that Ken Scholes is taking over my slot at this summer's workshop. There are still a few registrations open.

Science fiction author begins war of the books worldsStephen Hunt has grown so tired of the marginal status of his chosen genre that he has begun campaigning for equal genre rights. Really. Who reads that Stephen King stuff, anyway? Or J.K. Rowling?

The Ashtray: The Ultimatum (Part 1) — A fascinating article about Thomas Kuhn, among others. (Snurched from [info]susansugarspun.)

How the Internet Tried to Kill Me —This is funny. (Via Dad.)

Archaeologists unearth Neolithic henge at Stonehenge — (Via Emily Siskin.)

Language Log on the history of the word 'tsunami' in English — When I was a kid, I swear we still called them 'tidal waves'.

This photo from Japan is beautiful and heartbreaking — Yes, it is miscaptioned, and it appears to date from a 2006 earthquake. It's still a powerful image.

[info]pecunium with some links to before-and-after images of Japan — (Via [info]lt260.)

[info]cathshaffer is sensible about Japan's current post-tsunami nuclear issues, and the coverage thereof

?otD: Daylight savings time: threat or menace?

Writing time yesterday: 1.75 hours (2,800 words on Sunspin)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.5 hours (solid)
Weight: 253.0
Currently reading: Between books

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