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[personal|travel] Doing better, going places

I did feel better yesterday, after being sick the previous two days. Not ideal, but better. Superbusy day at the Day Jobbe, thanks to being out. I met up with [info]camillealexa for a late lunch, then did writerly things at Fireside/Fat Straw, then hit some live music with [info]mlerules. The Pagan Jug Band at Cafe Magnolia, to be specific — they play every Tuesday night in a conveniently early show. Bluegrass/folk/zydeco is not my most beloved musical genre, but I had a lot of fun and I even danced a little, and still went home early.

Sunspin did advance by another 2,500 words, and I'm on the downhill slide for this second section section of Calamity of So Long A Life. This bit might wind up about 70,000 words, I'm not quite sure yet. Once I wrap it, hopefully by sometime this weekend, I'll step away from the book again to pursue several invited short fiction projects. Then I'll poke at the synoptic outline for the third and last section of Calamity, write some general backgrounders for the overall outline, and evaluate my schedule with respect to when I need to set this project aside and conduct rewrites on Kalimpura.

Tomorrow morning I am off well before the crack of dawn for Orlando and ICFA. I'll be back stupidly late next Sunday evening. While I'm there I'll see old friends and new and just generally chill for a couple of days. Blogging service may be a bit irregular in my absence, depending on how good the parties are.

So here's to health, writing and travel. Away I go.

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