Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] Such a day, and it's not even 4:30 am yet

So far this morning:
  • Had to wake my cabbie up

  • He didn't know how to get to the airport

  • He didn't know where to park his cab at the airport to let me out

  • He had to run my credit card through the in-car system three times and never did get an auth code

  • The United Airlines ticket machines refused to print me a boarding pass

  • The United Airlines agent (who was very pleasant about it) could only get me a middle seat in the cramped aft of the aircraft

  • The above is a result of my recent status downgrade which in turn is a result of me being grounded most of last year due to cancer treatments — I have already appealed this to United, but they were not moved

  • My boarding passes got stuck together in the security line and I spent a couple of moments thinking I'd lost one

On the other hand, I'm up, at the airport, and on my way to Florida. It's all good. Plan for the flights: napping, writing and expanding my carbon footprint.

Tags: cancer, florida, health, travel, writing
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