Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] ICFA, days 3 and 4

Day 3:

Sleep. Walk. Write. Swim. Locus podcast with Joe Haldeman. Hang out. Drink. Dinner. Party.

Day 4:

Sleep. Walk. Pack. Breakfast. Locus interview. Hang out. Lunch. Head to airport.

Funny moment was when I went out to Mexican with Cecelia Holland, Ellen Klages and Liza Trombi. The first place we tried had drug deals going down in the parking lot. The second place we tried had karaoke music so loud the doors were vibrating. By the time we headed for the third place, Garibaldi's, we were so punchy and hungry we were singing The Garibaldi Chorus in the car. At the restaurant, where the food was fairly good, when Cecelia ordered a cabernet, the server asked, "The red one?"

Also of personal note: Cecilia Holland and my aunt Vicki could be one another's stunt doubles. And Chris Rowe appears to be the reincarnation of my grandfather. I'm checking in on that last one with Dad.

Flying home now. Going to be a long evening and a short night's sleep. I've got a pretty good case of Con burn, so I'm not sure if any writing will take place today or not.

How was your weekend?

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