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[writing] Sunspin carries on

After two days' break, I was back on Sunspin today. Knocked out 2,600 words yesterday afternoon, then got on with the rest of my day. Today I have another full day of day jobbery, then I'm visiting a friend with a cancer very similar to mine in the afternoon. More Sunspin this evening.

A bit of WIP for you from Calamity of So Long a Life.
"Where have you been, Maduabuchi St. Macaria?"

"Living among humans since the Mistake." He gave her a long, appraising look. "And as I told you, among aliens."

"What humans?"

At that question, he glanced away from her. Shame? Guilt? Joyner couldn't tell for sure. Whatever the impulse, it was both strong and difficult for him. "Captive populations. From Redghost and elsewhere."

"Redghost?" Momentarily distracted, she dredged her memory. "Sky. Sky Sforza. He was trapped there by the Mistake. Alone. Everyone was dead. No, not dead. Gone."

"Taken by the Xerq," said St. Macaria. "Like I had been."

She was aghast at both the morals and the logistics of such a thing. "An entire planetary population kidnapped?"

"I can't say. None of those decisions were mine."

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