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[links] Link salad contemplates dentition

GBS Update: The Settlement Is Dead; Long Live the Settlement Negotiations!Scrivener's Error with more on the banal evil that is the Google Books Settlement. Perhaps the witch will stay underneath the farmhouse.

Copyright Troll Opens Floodgates to Mass RepostingRighthaven set out to punish bloggers who reposted articles, but a federal judge just ruled nonprofits have exactly that right. I love the fact that the word 'troll' is in a headline from MIT Technology Review.

What does the filler text "lorem ipsum" mean? — Etaoin shrdlu!

The Griffin Book — This is kind of interesting. A bit about casino blacklists.

Radical Screw-Propelled VehiclesDark Roasted Blend with a cool photoessay on one of the weirder solutions to transport problems.

Gadgets You Should Get Rid Of (or Not) — Ah, convergence.

Brown Dwarfs and Planets: A Blurry Boundary — Mmm. Sunspin.

Steve Buchheit on radiation exposures — A tricky topic.

Libya: More questions than answersSlacktivist on just war and Libya.

Evolution Made Us All — A Sunday school hymn parody. Hahah. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

Huckabee: "I’d Love the World to be Led by People Who Have a Biblical Worldview" — As Ed Brayton says, "[H]istory shows that those who hold to a Biblical worldview don't generally do anything but fight against equality for everyone else."

Gay marriage a right — not a poll questionIn extolling the fact that the majority now approves same sex marriage, do we not also tacitly accept the notion that the majority has the right to judge? Try to imagine for a moment the consternation upon some woman’s face if a story in the paper announced that “X” percentage of Americans now favors allowing women to work outside the home. Try to picture the brisk dialogue that would ensue if you informed some Jewish man that you now supported his right to practice his religion. Speaking of Biblical worldviews and oppression...

?otD: Do you have any human teeth in your possession?

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