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[personal] Out and about

Yesterday I was out and about a bit with my friend [info]mlerules. We saw the most amazing rainbow I've ever encountered. Sadly, I only had my iPhone cam and so could not take a truly worthwhile photo of this thing.


The rainbow is doubled twice. There's a faint second bow on a larger arc above the main rainbow, while the inner arc of the rainbow has another, narrower-banded rainbow directly attached to it. To the eye, it looked like a polarization pattern in the sky. And amazingly vibrant hues, the most color-saturated rainbow I think I've ever seen.

We also poked around the Mt. Tabor neighborhood.


And ate at the "Good Food Here" food cart pod on SE Belmont. We split a mortadella sandwich and lamb sliders from Lardo, to be specific.


ZOMG was that tasty. Afterwards, some spa time at Common Ground Wellness Center.

Rainbows, architecture, high-end junk food and hot tubbing. I love Portland.

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