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[personal] Customer service done right

I periodically rant here about customer service issues with various industries and companies. After all, who among us does not do so?

This time, I want to extend recognition and my gratitude to a company that is doing customer service right.

A couple of months ago, I ordered this "Chewie and Han" shirt from redbubble.com. (If you haven't seen the shirt, check it out. For persons of a certain age, the art is nigh irresistible.)

This past week I received an email from redbubble advising me that some shirts printed during the time my order was fulfilled have faded too fast, due to poor inking. I checked mine, and indeed after about half a dozen washings it was faded and flecked. As instructed, I responded to the email with a current photo of my shirt, and my order number, along with the comment that I probably wouldn't have bothered complaining.

Today redbubble informed me they were shipping me a replacement shirt, advising me regarding my old shirt:
"There's no need to return it to us - you can wear it while washing the car, at the gym, recycle it into awesome 80s-style headbands, or find a charitable home for it.

Again, thank you for giving us a chance to make this right."

So, color me impressed. Here's a big shout out to redbubble.com for being proactive and treating me properly.

Not to mention having awesome shirts.

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