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[links] Link salad once more widens its carbon footprint

Chizine's Supergod Mega-Issue! is out — With stories from, among others, me.

A Greener 'Artificial Leaf'New device offers distinct advantages over previous attempts to improve upon natural photosynthesis.

Wholesale Solar Energy Costs Rivalling Coal

The Military's Secret ShameWhen men in the military rape other men in the ranks, no one wants to talk about it. Why the sexual assault of males in the service is finally being confronted. Hmm.

Fox gives Glenn Beck's show the bootSinking ratings, an ad boycott and a focus on conspiracies lead to its demise. But he was perfect for FOX's "distort and deride" editorial stance!

The Trump Effect on Birtherism — Mmm, conservative crazy gets a boost.

?otD: DFW or ORD?

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