Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|publishing] Things are good some days

Interesting day yesterday in my publishing life. Almost none of which I can actually announce yet.
  • Got some good news about one of my books.

  • Finished and submitted Sekrit Projekt

  • Revised and submitted two short stories

  • Received same-day acceptances on the Sekrit Projekt as well as both short stories

Plus the usual array of Day Jobbery, Dad stuff and ongoing personal life.

Also, [info]the_child said to me at one point yesterday, "If you went back in time and became a seventh grader, I'd totally date you."

I took that as the compliment she intended it to be, and majestically ignored the various other assorted ramifications of that statement. She's singing in The Magic Flute this Thursday and Friday, and is acquiring theatre quirks.

Tags: child, funny, personal, publishing, stories, work

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