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[links] Link salad has a less taxing day - Lakeshore — LiveJournal
An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2011-04-15 05:32
Subject: [links] Link salad has a less taxing day
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Tags:cool, culture, funny, japan, links, personal, politics, publishing, sex, videos, weird
How Book Publishing Has Changed Since 1984 — (Via @ColleenLindsay.)

Feral chickens have proliferated in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina

What The Japan Earthquake Sounded Like... Underwater — Wow. (Via, among others, David Goldman.)

The Oregon legislature RickRolls itself — Ah, my adoptive home state.

Teacher Bashing 101 — A rant against the rants against teachers. It's because a vocal minority of angry people, egged on by grandstanding pundits and small-minded politicians, denigrate and disdain education itself at every turn. It's because this same vocal minority glorifies stupidity and revels in ignorance and condemns education as elitism. It is because they are afraid. Afraid that their children will become more than themselves. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

Rep. Broun: FDR Was A Communist And The Supreme Court Has "No Clue" About The Constitution — And conservatives wonder why the rest of us think you're crazy. You people elected this guy.

Behind the Abortion War — Abortion, contraception and Republicans making shit up without being challenged on it by Your Liberal Media.

Just the Simple TruthIn the past decade, Republicans slashed taxes, started two wars, approved a big unfunded entitlement, and presided over an economic collapse that cratered tax revenues and required massive government spending to counteract. That's pretty much 100% of our existing deficit problem right there. Look! Over there! George Soros!

Arizona's Senate-Approved Birther Bill Could Force Presidential Candidates to Provide Documentation Describing What Their Penis Looks Like to Get on Ballot — Conservatives: proudly defending America from, uh, hell if I know anymore. Themselves, hopefully.

Do-Nothing Congress as a CureA trick question: If Congress takes no action in coming years, what will happen to the budget deficit? It will shrink — and shrink a lot. This simple fact may offer the best hope for deficit reduction. (Thanks to Dad.)

?otD: Tennis, anyone?

Writing time yesterday: 1.25 hours (WRPA)
Body movement: 60 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 6.0 hours (solid)
Weight: 247.0
Currently reading: Nifft the Lean by Michael Shea

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Kevin Standlee: Not Sensible
User: kevin_standlee
Date: 2011-04-15 16:21 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Not Sensible
Well, the Arizona law would effectively prohibit anyone born in Hawaii (or any other state that has similar laws) from every running for President, since the documents it demands cannot be released from the state archives.

Of course, even if representatives of the Birther Movement were allowed personal access to the Hawaii state archives to view the original long-form certificate (which is not allowed out of the archives), they'd either deny its validity, or if any of them said, "Looks like we goofed," the rest of the Birthers would announce that those people who changed their minds were part of the conspiracy all along. Isn't a non-falsifiable theory Fun?
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Elf M. Sternberg
User: elfs
Date: 2011-04-15 21:11 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The Do-Nothing Congress would also be a complete disaster for the middle class. If Congress really does nothing about the tax structure, then the Alternative Mininum Tax, originally intended to hit only the top 155 earners in America in 1969, will, due to rising inflation, engulf everyone making over $40,000/year when the Bush tax cuts expire. Half the country would be paying the AMT. By 2020, the government would be consuming 30% of the US GDP. The average since WWII has been about 18%, and the maximum ever was 21%. An additional 10% of all US liquidity going into the treasury, without a structured way to handle it, would be insane.

Likewise, a truly "do nothing" Congress would result in 30% of people on Medicare losing their doctors when the Medicare Restructuring Agreement runs out in December.

I'm not a fan of either the AMT or the Bush tax holiday, but we shouldn't imagine that congress grinding to a halt means that progressions built (or not built) into laws, and the consequences of a changing economy, likewise pause.
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User: barbarienne
Date: 2011-04-16 03:24 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Ya know, when the government was close to shutting down last week, all I could think was that we might be better off if it did. The only problem with that plan was that all the parts of the government that aren't Congress are actually useful, and mostly full of people who work hard and earn their paycheck.


Did the Oregon legislature realize they were quoting the song, or were those lines snuck in by clever speechwriters?
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