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[links] Link salad heads for the department of giant radioactive spiders

A Polish reviewer comments on the translation of Trial of Flowers, a/k/a Próba kwiatów — In Polish, but it seems to be favorable. And check out the cover!

The Skokie Public Library blog comments on Mainspring — They seem to like it.

Where bad writing advice comes from[info]robin_d_laws on aspiring writers and the opinions of others. (Via [info]biomekanic.)

The usually interesting Freakonomics with a somewhat fatuous discussion of the Google Books Settlement — In which I fight the good fight in comments.

Beyond the Red EdgeCentauri Dreams on the atmospheric signatures of plant life.

The Science of Why We Don't Believe ScienceHow our brains fool us on climate, creationism, and the vaccine-autism link.

GOP official who sent Obama chimpanzee email: 'I am not a racist' — Also, in Conservativeland, water is not wet and the sun does not rise in the east.

Former Senator Alan Simpson on GOP homophobes and misogyny

?otD: Ever done a PET scan? Did you acquire superpowers as a result?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (cancer follies, SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series)
Body movement: n/a (PET scan today requires no exercise prior)
Hours slept: 5.75 hours (solid)
Weight: 247.2
Currently reading: Nifft the Lean by Michael Shea

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